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Studs & Spacing

Piercing Updated February 9, 2024

Have you or someone you know recently been pierced, and have studs (also known as butterfly backs) in their ear lobes? It is important to keep a keen eye to ensure there is adequate room on the post to ensure a smooth healing process. We have some top tips below:

Check for adequate space on bar

When you have been pierced using our Sterilear Contactless System, you have the choice of hypoallergenic studs. These studs have a common backing, also known as butterfly backs. After you have been pierced it is very important to ensure there is always adequate space on the bar at all times. Checking the bar for spacing, maintains adequate space for swelling, redness or inflammation after being pierced. It is also important to check after sleeping overnight, or daily as pressure from sleeping may tighten the bar/if the jewellery had been fiddled with.

Check the diagrams below for reference:

Loosen the backing

If you notice there is not enough spacing between the piercing and your jewellery, you will need to loosen the backing. To do so, with clean hands (preferably wearing surgical gloves), simply pull the stud attachment and the butterfly backing apart. It is important to be as gentle as possible, particularly when during the healing period.


Contact your local Essential Beauty

If you have any questions, or concerns our friendly team of Beauty Therapists are here to help! Give your local salon a call or visit them to learn more.

If you have any concerns regarding embedded jewellery, please see our team of Piercing Experts at the absolute earliest convenience. If not, we recommend removing the jewellery from the piercing hole to avoid further difficulties.


Change your jewellery over

It is very important to note, you should not remove the jewellery from your piercing during the healing process as the piercing hole will start to close over and you may not be able to get jewellery back in. If you must change your jewellery we recommend visiting a professional body piercer in your local Essential Beauty salon to help select the correct jewellery and insert it for you. All Essential Beauty jewellery includes a free jewellery changeover with purchase.

After 1-2 months lobe piercings may be ready for a jewellery changeover, when changing jewellery over it is important to not leave your piercing jewellery-free for more than a few minutes as piercings can close over after a short amount of time. Healing times for piercings may take anywhere between 12-24 months.

For lobe piercings you have a great choice of different jewellery types, styles and colours. Popular jewellery styles for lobes include, studs, sleepers, flat back labrets & hinged rings (we love a hinged ring styled with a charm!)

Find a great range of jewellery in salon, or shop our full range online!
Ear Lobe Piercings & Styles

Please note: to book in for aĀ children’s ear piercing service please call your local salon. This cannot be booked online.

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