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Upgrade your jewellery!

Piercing Updated October 23, 2023

Ready, set, shine!

Want a new piercing with cute jewellery from the start? Visit Essential Beauty & Piercing for the ultimate opportunity to style your new piercing with our brand-new needle piercing upgrade stand! Our beautiful new upgrade stand includes our range of jewellery for needle ear piercing’s including flat back labrets/studs & hinged rings. Our upgrade stand also includes our full range of Sterilear studs for those who are being pierced with our Sterilear Contactless Push-Through system.

All piercings from Essential Beauty & Piercing include basic jewellery in the price of the piercing which is great for a simple labret to suit all ear curations! However, when looking at getting a new ear piercing, it is important to choose jewellery you love, as you should always wait until the piercing has initially healed to change it over.
Essential Beauty Piercing Locations


When choosing a new piece of jewellery for your ear, you should consider the following:

  • What is your preferred metal colour?
    If you have a preferred metal colour, we always recommend matching your new piercing to your existing jewellery style. Metal colours we offer to all customers is silver, gold, rose gold and black. Basic jewellery is available in all colours, or we have a great range available on our stand to upgrade to in all these colours.

    Metal Colours at Essential Beauty

  • What is your preferred metal type?
    Essential Beauty & Piercing offers a great range of high-quality jewellery styles and metal types for customers to choose the perfect piece of jewellery for them! Our metal types include surgical steel, this could be non-coated (silver looking), or coated with 24K Gold PVD, Rose Gold PVD, Black PVD. We also offer titanium non-coated (silver looking), or coated with 24K Gold PVD, Rose Gold PVD, Black PVD. Some of our rings are also available in nickel-free cobalt chrome!
    All jewellery from Essential Beauty & Piercing is made from the highest quality.
    Our surgical steel is SS316L, surgical implant grade used for body jewellery. Titanium (Ti6AL-4V & ASTM F-136 grades) is great for new piercings and sensitive skins. Titanium is highly polished and only half the weight of steel and twice as strong. Our 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Black PVD options coat the metal of choice in a heated chamber under high vacuum. The result is a hardened layer, which is biocompatible. Finally, nickel-free cobalt chrome is incredibly strong and durable to scratches. Cobalt chrome has a similar colour to precious metals, with a beautiful shine!
    Needle Piercings

  • Do you prefer to have a ring or flat back piece of jewellery?
    If you are getting a new lobe or helix piercing, you may opt to be pierced with either a flat back labret or a hinged ring! Many customers may prefer hinged rings and hoops in their piercings, this can create a simple and chic look. Hinged rings can always be updated with a charm or chain to level up and refresh your look. If you would prefer a flat back labret, they have many great benefits! Flat backs are very comfortable to sleep with as they do not have a sharp back. Labrets also have a great range of attachments to change into. When it’s time to downsize, you can always keep the same attachment and just purchase a smaller bar/post!

    Get pierced with a ring at Essential Beauty

  • Will this jewellery suit my other pieces of jewellery?
    One of our top tips is to always choose jewellery you love and suits your existing jewellery look. You should always wait until you have reached your piercing’s initial healing time before changing over your jewellery, so it is important to make sure it’s a piece you love. Piercings are a great way to express your personal style, style up from the start!

Jewellery Upgrade Stand Benefits

  • Heaps of styles
    We have a great range of styles, in metal colours and metal types. There will be something that everyone will love!
  • Style from the start
    Our jewellery upgrade stand gives you the option to express your personal style from the very start! Please note: jewellery styles may be subject to availability at the salon, and some styles will not be available to be pierced in all piercing locations.
  • High-quality metals
    Essential Beauty & Piercing only offers the highest quality metals and materials, to nurture your piercing throughout the healing process.

Needle Piercing Jewellery Upgrade Stand

Upgrade your piercing with our wide range of jewellery styles available. Ask about an upgrade and see our full collection today. Jewellery availability may vary between salons, it is important to consult with your Beauty Therapist to check what is available!

Find your local salon here, visit to see their Jewellery Upgrade Stand and style up straight away!

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