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Can I bring in my own Jewellery to get pierced?

Body jewellery is a personalised item and should not be purchased until you have been measured.

Generally speaking, the jewellery is 14 gauge for a navel. However, for some people it can be 16 gauge. As a result of this, you can’t just buy body jewellery and expect it to be inserted.

You need to have the part of the body that you want pierced measured and then the jewellery chosen accordingly, before the piercing can be done.

The look of the jewellery is only part of what makes a piercing work for you. It must function properly as well. Jewellery, which is not the right size, can cause healing problems.

As a result, the process can be best described as “Practical first and funky later”.

What this means is accept the initial jewellery that has been individually measured for your body and then once the piercing has healed, you can upgrade to fancier pieces of jewellery.

So how is the part of the body that I want pierced measured?

This occurs using what is called a Vernier Calipers which will measure to the nearest millimeter the jewellery size that you need.

Once measured, the body piercer can then choose the appropriate jewellery for the part of the body that you want pierced.

Following the above procedure means a better result. When you think about most people who have been pierced keeping their piercing for many years, it makes sense and is worthwhile to follow the above process.

Chat to your local expert in-salon for more info.

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