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I’ve Got Eyelashes!

Last Wednesday morning, I went to work looking like a raccoon. My mascara was smudged and my eyeliner was all over the place. Ok, so I was really tired that morning and rushing through my morning routine didn’t help.

By lunch time I decided that I’ve had enough of the black-eye comments. I dropped by the nearest shopping mall to see what I could do to bolster my ego, found a salon and got talked into an eyelash perm and tint. It wasn’t what I had in mind at the time but the results changed how I felt about it.

My immediate reaction when I looked into the mirror was ‘Wow, I’ve got eyelashes!’. And my eyes were popping.

They had a new technique they said. And it doesn’t take very long at all. So I agreed to an impromptu diet for that day and treated myself to an eyelash perm and tint instead.

Once I laid on the bed, the therapist checked through my lashes and proclaimed that I needed the ‘small’, whatever that meant!. She proceeded to tape up my eyes. Ok, it felt like that but she explained that it was a special tape that they used so that the tint does not stain my skin. Then she placed a gel-like pad over my eyes.

All I felt after that was soft stroking on my lashes, waited a bit, and more soft stroking ….. a little bit of massage around my eyes. It was pretty relaxing actually.

All in all, I was in the salon for about 40 minutes when the therapists told me I was done.

For the rest of the week, I only had to put on the lightest of makeup, no mascara and I even skipped the top liner.

I think it was money well spent. Looks like I’ll be able to save some minutes off my makeup routine for the next two months. Yay!

I’m considering tinting my eyebrows next. Maybe I can save another few minutes from having to draw in my eyebrows.

And come Christmas time, I’m going to put in some falsies.

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