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So, what type of falsies should you get?

Before we even entertain that thought, it’s best to ensure that whatever lashes you’ve got are as healthy as can be. A major part of that can be achieved through good nutrition that will encourage optimal health and hair growth, including full lashes. Foods that are rich in Vitamins B and C are part of that extensive care routine which includes the application of olive oil or coconut oil to the eyelashes before bed and using skincare or makeup that you aren’t allergic to.

Occasionally though, a need crops up for false eyelashes. And based on the comments posted by women across a variety of articles and forums, putting on falsies are not exactly on their things-I-love-to-do list. But, you know, sometimes a girl has got to do what a girl has to.

There’s a huge event coming up and there’s no time to pop into the salon …. here’s what you need to know when buying strip lashes.

Almond eyes only need a touch of falsies to look great. Use denser or longer lashes towards the outer edges to make your eyes fly ….. with wings. Trim the false eyelashes slightly shorter on the inner edges and longer towards the outer and make sure the length of the false eyelashes are no longer that the width of your eyes. You can experiment with 1mm past the width of your eye but really shouldn’t go any longer than that.

Use a mix of long and short hairs to give hooded eyes fullness along the lash line to open up the eyes. Choose lashes that are fullest in the centre or use individual clusters if you are an expert with false eyelash application. Since the lids droop over the crease, makeup is applied over the natural crease line to open up the eyes. Hair length should just about reach 2mm past your crease line with your eyes open, to make the eyes look bigger and more vibrant.

A lot of Asians have monolid eyes. Sorry, make that Asians of Oriental descent to be more precise. If you have monolid eyes, you will want denser lashes that are longer towards the outer tips to create the look that runway models favour. A criss cross pattern or a mixture in lengths of the hair creates volume to bring depth to the eyes, and camouflages the puffy lids look that monolids often bring. The criss-cross pattern will create a bolder spikes that looks great on the monolids. Make sure you curl the lashes away from the eyes to open them up and avoid light, wispy looking lashes on this eye shape.

Keep the light and natural false eyelashes for small eyes. If you don’t want it looking unnatural, trim the lash hairs slightly. Curl them upwards and away from the eyes and top off the look with wings.

Round eyes will do wonderfully well with false eyelashes that are longer (hairs) in the middle. Pick falsies with long and thinner hairs. Dense lashes will make the eyes look smaller so avoid that please.

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