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A Complete List of Different Lip Piercings

Piercing Updated August 8, 2022
So, you have an idea in mind of a type of lip piercing you want to get… But what’s with all of the different names? Let’s break down all the different lip piercings we offer at Essential Beauty!

Vertical labret, madonna, monroe, jesturm, snake bite, ashley, dolphin bite, labret, angel bite, medusa, spider bite, lip piercing and dahlia cheek piercings


Types of Lip Piercings

Lip Piercing
This is the standard lip piercing, and most common of all lip piercings. This is also known as a side labret piercing, simply choose which side of the lip you would like to have it on. Lip piercings usually take about 6-8 weeks to fully heal. It is important to be patient while your lip piercing heals; while we typically recommend that you wait until 8 weeks before changing over jewellery, a great indication that your piercing has healed is if there is no yellow crust on the outside area around the jewellery. 
Labret Piercing
A labret piercing placement is in the centre of the bottom of your lip. Labret piercings are like regular lip piercings, but instead of it being on the side of a lip, it is in the middle. The standard healing time is 6-8 weeks.
Vertical Labret Piercing
A vertical labret piercing is like the labret piercing, however, you see both entry and exit points. Pierced vertically through your bottom lip, with a curved bar to see the jewellery. This usually takes 6-8 weeks to heal.
Ashley Piercing
This is an adaption of the vertical labret piercing, but you will only see the entry hole in the centre of your bottom lip. An Ashley piercing’s exit point is in the inside of the mouth. 6-8 weeks is the regular healing period.
Medusa Piercing
A Medusa piercing pierces through centre of the cupids bow above your top lip. This is a popular piercing type, and takes about 8-12 weeks to heal.
Monroe Piercing
The name kind of says it all doesn’t it, think of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic beauty mark on her upper lip. The Monroe piercing is a single piercing on the right side of the upper lip. The Monroe piercing takes at least 8-12 weeks to heal.
Madonna Piercing
The Madonna piercing is like a Marilyn Monroe piercing, except it is on the other side! The Madonna piercing mimics Madonna’s famous beauty mark and as the Monroe piercing, will take at least 8-12 weeks to heal.
Dahlia – Cheek Piercings
Dahlia piercings are at the corners of the mouth, usually done in pairs (however, can be singular too). A dahlia piercing is meant to emulate a stretched smile, and is often referred to as a Joker piercing. Regular healing time is about 6-8 weeks.
Snake Bites 
Snake bite piercings adopted its name to mimic the look of snake fangs. Snake bites are on either side underneath your bottom lip, and usually takes 6-8 weeks heal.
Spider Bites 
Spider bites also adopted their name, from the look of a bite from a spider! Two lip piercings directly next to each other, on either the right or left side underneath your lip. This piercing can take a little bit longer to heal, 12-16 months.
Angel Bites
Angel bites are almost identical to snake bites, just on the upper lip! Healing can take 8-12 weeks to heal.

Still not sure which one you want?

Bring in a reference photo to show your piercer, and they will help to find the perfect piercing for you! Book online, or call your local salon today.

Recommended Aftercare 

It is important to follow recommended aftercare when getting any lip or oral piercing. This includes:
  • No spicey food
  • No kissing or oral sex
  • Change your toothbrush regularly
  • Always use hand sanitiser before touching your mouth
  • Nourish your body with healthy foods; we recommend cold fruit smoothies
  • Use only alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Use Sterilear Step 1 Spray on the outside and inside of your piercing, simply pull down your lip


Things to Note

It is important to note all lip piercings will have an increased risk of enamel damage. We highly encourage all clients to conduct their own research to ensure this piercing is the right choice for their body.

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