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Side Sleeping + Piercing Hack!

Piercing Updated May 6, 2024
Are you a side sleeper, and struggle when having a new piercing? We have a new solution which is the perfect hack to sleeping comfortably again.

Our Ear Piercing Pillow is the perfect addition to any night time routine, and we’re confident it will seamlessly become an every night must-have.

Key Features of Our Ear Piercing Pillow:

Our Ear Piercing Pillow is crafted to sit seamlessly on your existing pillow or function as a standalone, our pillow ensures you can sleep soundly without discomfort. Our cute & unique flower shape will mould to the shape of your shoulder for seamless sleeping! Our Ear Piercing Pillow promotes pain-free sleeping and aids in the healing process, allowing you to enjoy your new piercing with ease by accommodating your ear space. Whether you’re getting a lobe, helix, tragus, industrial, conch, snug, anti-tragus, rook, daith, or double piercing, our Ear Piercing Pillow is here to support you. It’s also beneficial for existing piercings, helping alleviate pressure and inflammation for a more comfortable experience.


Hear what some happy customers have had to say on TikTok:

❤️ “I love mine. It’s helping so much with my industrial piercing.” 

🩵 “I got a piercing done 2 weeks ago and got this, was so helpful.”

💜 “It’s the best thing ever for my sore piercings!!” 


See our Ear Piercing Pillow on TikTok here:

@essential_beauty Get a FREE Ear Piercing Pillow with every ear piercing!* The perfect solution for side sleepers with new & healing piercings 🙏🏼 *T&C’s apply, for a limited time only, while stocks last. Excludes double operator piercings. #piercing #essentialbeauty #fyp #piercingpillow #sidesleeper #piercinglovers #pillow #piercingpillows #piercinghack #cartilagepiercings ♬ Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter – Tortured Poets🤍📜🎧

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