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Can I breastfeed with nipple piercings?

Piercing Updated April 14, 2023
Love the look of nipple piercings, but not sure how it may affect you if you choose to breastfeed? You’ve come to the piercing experts, and we are here to help.
A common misconception with pierced nipples is you will not be able to breastfeed, we can confirm this is a myth! If you already have your nipples pierced, or are thinking about getting a nipple piercing soon, and wonder how this may affect breastfeeding we’re here to take you through any potential challenges and common questions.

Can I breastfeed with nipple piercings?

In short – yes you definitely can! Nipple piercings may prove to be more challenging when breastfeeding, however is possible. As long as the piercing is fully healed and there is no infection or keloid scarring in the area there shouldn’t be a problem with breastfeeding. It is something you may want to consider when you get pierced if you are considering starting a family of your own.

Our Recommendations & Considerations

Remove nipple jewellery

It is highly recommended to remove your nipple jewellery prior to breastfeeding. Keeping nipple jewellery in your piercing whilst breastfeeding may present as a choking hazard to your newborn or prevent them from latching on correctly. We recommend asking your GP, obstetrician, or pediatrician for their best advice and opinion to make an informed & best decision for yourself and your baby.



You may experience some extra leakage from the holes of your nipple piercing. Piercing holes may cause breastmilk to flow faster, and in different directions. Again, if this seems to be a concern for you, we recommend chatting to medical professionals for best advice. You may try leaning back, or side lying while breastfeeding to slow your flow.


Look After Your Nipple Piercing

Piercing aftercare is important while the piercing is healing, and with significant change to your breasts such as breastfeeding. When removing your piercing’s jewellery, it is important to be done so in a clean, sterile environment. Be sure to use Sterilear Step 1: Clean & Sterilear Step 2: Care to keep the area free from infection.
You may find your nipple piercing presents no challenges to your breastfeeding journey at all! Of course, if you choose not to breastfeed that is a great option too. Fed is best, no matter how!
We can’t wait to pierce your nipples at your local Essential Beauty salon, and are so happy to be trusted with your next piercing.

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