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Everything About Tragus Piercings

Piercing Updated September 26, 2022
Looking to add another piercing to your collection? A tragus piercing might be the perfect addition for you. Tragus piercings are the epitome of the ultimate it-girl or it-guy look! The tragus is a perfect spot to include subtle jewellery or use some edgy jewellery to curate the ear.

Tragus Piercing Fast Facts

Placement: The small piece of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal.
Pain level: 4/10
Healing time: 3-6 months for initial healing. Up to 12 months for full-healing.
Aftercare: Use Sterilear Step 1 & 2 Piercing Spray system

What is a tragus piercing?

A tragus piercing is the small piece of cartilage that sits over the entrance to your ear canal. The tragus is made up of cartilage and skin. Cartilage is quite thick and solid when compared to the fleshiness of the earlobes.
A tragus piercing is one of our most popular styles on the ear, and we can understand why! Tragus piercings are often paired with earlobe piercings (first, seconds and/or third lobes), helix piercings and more. Tragus piercings at Essential Beauty are always performed with a professional cannula needle.

What is the pain and healing time like?

As mentioned, a tragus piercing pierces through cartilage on your ear. Most cartilage piercings generally experience more pressure, than pain. However, pain is of course relative to your own tolerance! If you are nervous at all, remember to focus on your breathing. Of course, let your Beauty Therapist know if you have any concerns. At Essential Beauty we are here to help and want to make your experience a wonderful one!
Healing times of tragus piercings typically are around 3-6 months. We recommend waiting at least 12 weeks before changing or upgrading your jewellery. If you are unsure if you are ready to upgrade your jewellery or not, always check with your Beauty Therapist.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

We recommend our Sterilear 2-Step Piercing Spray system to aid in the healing process of your new tragus piercing. Use Sterilear Step 1: Clean for week 1 & 2 after your piercing. After week 3, move on to Sterilear Step 2: Care. If you have any questions about what products to use, always consult your Beauty Therapist at your local Essential Beauty salon.
Sterilear Step 1 - CleanSterilear Step 2 - Care

Jewellery Types for Tragus Piercing?

You can use a few different types of jewellery in a tragus piercing. We love flat back labrets, hinged rings, BCR rings, circular barbells, and more. Ask your Beauty Therapist about your options to be pierced with at your appointment. Always wait until after your piercing has healed before changing or upgrading too!


Tragus Piercing FAQs

Can you wear earbuds with a tragus piercing?

It is a common question (or myth!) that if you have a tragus piercing you cannot use earbuds. Well, we’re here to bust that myth! You can use headphones (earbuds) with a tragus piercing, but not straight away. You will need to wait at least 3 months, as a headphone may irritate your new piercing. The pressure of a headphone/earbud can risk infection, slow down healing, and cause pain. During this period, we recommend using over-ear headphones to avoid any pressure on your tragus.

Can you sleep on your side with a tragus piercing?

We recommend avoiding sleeping on your side with a new tragus piercing. The area will be quite painful during the initial healing process, so it will be best to wait until after this time before doing so. If you are a side sleeper and struggle sleeping on your back, we have created our very own Ear Piercing Pillow! Our Ear Piercing Pillow is in a unique flower shape, perfect to mould to the shape of your shoulder. Use our Ear Piercing Pillow for comfortable and stress-free sleeping! 

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