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Getting Pierced with a Ring

Piercing Updated March 7, 2023
Have you been thinking about getting a new piercing and would like to opt for a ring in your piercing first? Essential Beauty can make your piercing dreams come true!
At Essential Beauty we can pierce many piercing areas with a ring instead, these locations include cartilage piercings, lobe piercings, nose, lip, nipple, conch and belly! Labret bars and barbells are commonly used in these areas, however with our expert piercer’s, rings are possible to perfect your look too.

Ear Piercing with a hinged ring

The Piercing Process

The piercing process is simple!  To be pierced with a ring, you must be pierced using a professional needle method, unfortunately we are unable to offer rings in our Sterilear Ear Piercing system. Simply visit your local Essential Beauty salon, talk to our friendly Beauty Therapists, choose your jewellery and get pierced! Being pierced with a ring is a jewellery upgrade, it is best to chat to our expert team to confirm prices.
You can be pierced with a ring in cartilage piercings, lobe piercings, nose, lip, and belly! The piercing process will slightly vary for each service.

Needle piercing with hinged ring

Healing Time

All piercings can take up to 12-24 months to fully heal, however you can downsize/change your jewellery over beforehand, after your initial healing period has passed. We have a full list of healing timeframes on our beauty blog here, however a few ways to tell your piercing is fully healed includes:
  • It’s been 12-24 months since you received your piercing
  • There is no more discharge or redness
  • The piercing is not tender to touch
  • The jewellery is loose and moves somewhat freely
In the instance of lobe piercings, healing time is much faster and simpler than a cartilage piercing. Lobe piercings take about 8-12 weeks for the initial healing stage; however, all piercings can take up to 12-24 months to fully heal. We recommend to always keep jewellery in your piercing for up to 2 years after getting pierced. Having no jewellery in your piercing risks the piercing hole closing over or shrinking.
When you are ready to upgrade your jewellery, you can visit us in salon to shop our range or shop our full range online. With so many beautiful styles and metal types, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

Recommended Aftercare

  • Sterilear Step 1
    Use for week 1 & 2 after your piercing, this is the best spray you can use to assist in the initial stage of your nose piercing’s healing process. Spray front and back twice a day, directly over the piercing and jewellery. Not for oral use. External use only.
    Sterilear Step 1 - Clean
  • Sterilear Step 2
    From week 3, start using our Sterilear Step 2 Spray. Spray front and back twice a day directly over the piercing and jewellery. Avoid eye contact. Not for oral use. External use only.
    Sterilear Step 2 - Care

Callum’s Lobe Piercing (Firsts)

Join Callum as he gets his firsts (otherwise known as lobe ear piercings) pierced with a ring! Callum was after a ring to compliment his recent nose piercing (also pierced at Essential Beauty). We love how his piercing turned out. Check it out below:

@essential_beauty Follow Callum along to get his lobes pierced! We’re in love with his results. 😍 #piercing #piercinglovers #essentialbeauty #lobepiercing #earringslovers ♬ original sound – 🖤

If you have any concerns, talk to the Piercing Experts! Visit our piercing specialists in your local Essential Beauty salon.

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