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Essential Beauty’s Helix Piercing Guide

Piercing Updated July 1, 2022

If you’re here, chances are, you want to learn more about the popular helix piercing! Where it’s located, the different variations of helix piercings and more. With so many piercing locations on the ear, all of the different terms can sometimes be confusing. We’re here to help you get the exact look you want!

So, where is the helix piercing located?

The helix of the ear is located along the upper cartilage part of your outer ear. There are also variations to the standard helix piercing, such as; double or triple helix piercings, the forward helix and the lower helix.

different types of ear piercings

At any professional piercing place, helix piercings and any other ear or body piercing for that matter will be performed with a needle. Essential Beauty performs piercings with a single-use needle and autoclave sterilised tools and jewellery.

Never trust a jewellery store offering cheap ear & body piercings, as these cartilage piercings are done with a gun (ouch) and butterfly backing jewellery, which is not safe for a cartilage piercing like the helix or nose. Guns should only ever be used for an ear lobe piercing, which is most common for kids.


helix piercing essential beauty

What is a double helix piercing?

A double helix piercing is two helix piercings sitting next to each other on the ear, and a triple helix is, of course, three! We offer double helix piercings in the same appointment but recommend adding a third later on as having three piercings performed close to one another can cause the ear to swell too much and prolong healing.

What’s the difference between a helix piercing and a forward helix piercing?

If you follow the cartilage along your helix toward the side of your face, you will find the forward helix. Double and triple forward helix piercings are also increasing in popularity.

curated ear with forward helix


I want my helix pierced further down the ear is that ok?

Of course! We call this piercing the lower helix (it is also referred to as an auricle piercing, the lower helix just makes more sense to us!), it’s not quite your earlobe but not quite your helix. This part of the ear sits in the middle where the two parts of your outer ear meet.

lower helix piercing image


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