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Iconic Eyebrows Over the Decades

Brows and Lashes Updated September 14, 2022

With a new eyebrow trend popping up on our Instagram feeds every week, it’s easy to forget what was once trending.

From pencil-thin and over-plucked to the overgrown natural look, we take a look back on the most popular eyebrow trends over the decades.

1920s: Clara Bow

Women of the 20s were all about dramatically shaped arches. Eyebrows were worn ultra-thin with downward curved tails.

1930s: Norma Shearer

Downward arches were ditched in the 1930s, and instead a completely straight line was all the go apart from the down-turned tails on the far edge of the brow.

1940s: Joan Crawford

Eyebrows became less dramatic in the 1940s – they were still plucked, but less severely than in the previous decades. Joan Crawford’s iconic, heavier arched brow became a trademark look of the 40s.

1950s: Marilyn Monroe

In the 1950s – the era of the bombshell – Marilyn Monroe’s angled arches were the look of the decade. Long gone was the rounded curve of the 40s, and instead, it was all about a pointed arch and shorter tail.

1960s: Audrey Hepburn

Women of the 60s were inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s thick natural brows. It was all about bold eye makeup and eyebrows were worn neat and understated.

1970s: Diana Ross

In the 1970’s we saw a re-emergence of the sharp arches and a curved brow. The shape allowed shimmery eyes and lengthy lashes to extend even further.

1980s: Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields encouraged women of the 80s to get their grow on and embrace their natural look. The tweezers were put to the side and arches were completely grown in.

1990s: Cameron Diaz.

In contrast to the grown-out look of the previous decade, everyone was channeling their inner Cameron Diaz. The 90s were all about pencil-thin eyebrows, and the grunge era meant for some interesting shapes and ultra-dark arches.

2000s: Kate Moss

Eyebrow shapes remained thin but followed a more natural shape like Kate Moss’s, and arches started on the outer sides of the nostril.

2010s: Kim Kardashian

Long gone was the thin look of the early 00s, and instead, bigger was better! Stars like Kim Kardashian opted for a more natural shape, inspiring us to put down the tweezers and embrace a fuller look.

Today: Zendaya

So far 2022 has consisted of fuller brows, a minimal arch, and a subtle tail. Everyone has been going for a natural, less defined look and thanks to celebrities like Zendaya, the fluffy eyebrow phase won’t be going away any time soon.

Eyebrow tinting has become a popular way to achieve a fuller look and is the perfect service to add colour and shape to your brows.

Book your next eyebrow wax and tint online today!

As for a must-have product to achieve this trend – clear brow gel! We recommend the Brow Technicians Super Hold Brow Glue.

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