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Eyebrow Shapes are Important

Brows and Lashes Updated September 29, 2022
Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to get both of your eyebrows to look the same? Well breaking news, faces are not symmetrical! We all know eyebrows are sisters – not twins.
There are a number of things that can affect the symmetry of your eyebrows:
  1. Bone structure
  2. Position of your temples
  3. Muscle tone
  4. How you sleep
  5. Your hair growth direction
You might have an eyebrow shape that you prefer, such as rounded, flat, or arched. The only way to achieve your best shape is to book in for a 4-Zone Eyebrow Shape Wax at Essential Beauty. Our Beauty Therapists are the experts when it comes to shaping, waxing, and grooming your eyebrows into the perfect shape. See our guideline for eyebrows below, of course this up to interpretation. You know your face better than anyone after all!
For Square Faces: Soften an angular face with a more rounded eyebrow for a balanced look.
For Round Faces: Sharp-angled eyebrows with high arches help create defined lines.
For Long or Oval Faces: A flatter eyebrow provides balance + prevents over-elongation.
For Heart Shaped Faces: Natural, soft-angled arches draw attention to the upper half of the face.
Essential Beauty Eyebrow Waxing Shapes

Create the Perfect Eyebrows:

  1. Book in an eyebrow appointment
    At your appointment ask your Beauty Therapist about the shape of your eyebrows, what they recommend – but at Essential Beauty we believe in your wax, your way. Your preference is always the most important and you will always have the final say!
  2. Add a Tint to Your Service
    We love adding an eyebrow tint to eyebrow waxing services to improve the shape, definition and colour of your eyebrows. We offer professional salon-grade tints, and henna brows. Ask your Beauty Therapist what they would recommend!
  3. Follow Appropriate Aftercare
    For your tints to last longer, we recommend following appropriate aftercare advice. To learn more, check out our recent blog answering tinting frequently asked questions.
  4. Use Great Eyebrow Products
    We love The Brow Technicians! The Brow Technicians have a fantastic range of professional brow kits, defining powder, crayons, and our favourite – Super Hold Brow Glue! Find on our online shop, or in selected salons.

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