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Piercing Aftercare Tips & Tricks

Piercing Updated March 28, 2023

Have you recently been pierced at Essential Beauty? We have a plethora of knowledge, tips and tricks to help your piercing heal with ease! Check out some of our top tips below, and let us know if you have any questions.

Sleeping with new piercings

Depending on your piercing, sleeping may prove to be difficult! We have some helpful notes to keep your piercing comfortable and clean even when sleeping.
Bacteria can all be transferred from bedding and get inside your fresh piercings, it is important to make sure your sheets are cleaned and changed frequently to prevent any problems.
If you’ve had any part of your ears pierced, sleeping on your back is ideal, but you can also use our very own Ear Piercing Pillow so that you can sleep on your side! Our Ear Piercing Pillow is extra helpful for cartilage piercings with longer healing timeframes!

Sleeping with New Piercings

Body jewellery

Unless you’re experiencing a problem with the size, style, or material of the jewellery you’ve been pierced with, leave it in for the entire healing period. If jewellery changeover is necessary during healing, please see one of our Piercing Experts to perform any jewellery changeover. With over 60 salons around Australia, you will be able to find a beauty salon near you!

If your jewellery must be removed for a medical procedure, please visit the Piercing Experts at Essential Beauty for advice and their expert changeover technique. There are non-metallic jewellery alternatives available such as clear Bioplast piercing retainers that are not visible in x-rays and can be worn during most surgeries. Bioplast can be purchased in-salon and online via Essential Beauty Shop.

Body Jewellery Types

Downsizing your jewellery

Most piercings require jewellery that is longer in length or wider in diameter to allow room for swelling around the piercing. This is a necessary precaution to give more than enough space around the piercing, to prevent jewellery from sinking into the skin.

It is important that you don’t leave larger jewellery in for an extended period of time after your piercing as healed. You should visit an Essential Beauty salon to purchase shorter jewellery that will snugly fit your piercing.

Leaving large jewellery in after your piercing has finished healing will make it prone to catching or snagging on your hair and clothing and pushing down on the skin when sleeping. This trauma may cause piercing bumps that can lead to migration of your piercing, causing it to move and look crooked.

Downsizing Your Jewellery

Piercing bumps

In particular piercing locations, piercing bumps may be more common to occur. Piercing bumps may also be known as granulomas, these are bumps that occur on the skin when there is inflammation. They are a collection of white blood cells present from an immune system response to trauma.

It is important to be careful with your new piercing and to avoid any additional trauma to the location. This includes friction from clothing, towels, loofahs, excessive motion of the area, playing with the jewellery, knocking the piercing, and over-cleaning. This trauma may cause the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable piercing bumps, increased swelling, prolonged healing, and other problems. If you do experience a piercing bump, we highly recommend our Calm- Piercing Bump Dots; they are perfect to wear over your piercing.

Calm – Piercing Bump Dots can be cut to fit around the new piercing and target the bump. It is important to be very careful when removing the bump dot to ensure no extra trauma occurs.

Sterilear Piercing Bump Dots

If you have any concerns, talk to the Piercing Experts! Visit our piercing specialists in your local Essential Beauty salon.

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