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Our 2024 Septum Piercing Guide

Piercing Updated July 21, 2022

Septum piercings have been popular for quite some time, septum piercings are fashionable and are easy to cover up when you need to, just by flipping up your jewellery! Read on to learn everything you need to know before getting a septum piercing.

What is a septum piercing?

Your septum is a thin wall of cartilage that runs down the centre of your nose, the part that separates your nostrils. A septum piercing, however, doesn’t go through hard cartilage, it will go through the soft piece of tissue just below the septum, piercers call it ‘the sweet spot’. Use your thumb and index finger to have a feel of where the septum ‘sweet spot’ is located – yes, you will have to stick your fingers up your nose. Septum piercings are popular for all people, no matter how you identify!

woman with septum ring essential beauty

Septum piercing process

Piercing a septum requires careful steps and consideration. Our expert salons will always ensure the the septum area has been cleansed with a saline solution. Mark the piercing spot accurately, and double check with you first before proceeding with the piercing. We will use fingers to find the sweet spot and use sterilized forceps to hold the septum steady. We will then insert a sterilized piercing needle swiftly through the marked point, followed by the jewellery.

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Septum healing time

You will need to wait approximately 3-4 months before changing your septum piercing jewellery. We recommend going back to your piercer for your first jewellery change-over. Total healing time can take up to 12 months or sometimes longer depending on the person.

Septum piercing aftercare

Clean your piercing with Sterilear: Step 1, for at least 2 weeks after your piercing. Use this sterile saline solution morning and night. Do not pick at, play with, twist or knock your piercing as this will prolong the healing time and cause problems with your piercing. Do not flip up your jewellery for at least 3-4 months, if you want to wear your septum piercing up, have your piercer flip it up for you at the time of piercing.

The two types of septum jewellery

  • Septum clickers: These septum rings feature a hinged closure that opens and clicks shut. These rings often have different front-facing gems and decorative styles on the outer edge, making them a unique option. You can also use a plain closed hinged ring in your septum for a more subtle look.
  • Circular Barbells: Often used as initial piercing jewellery, the circular barbell fits neatly into a septum piercing and will allow you to do that easy flip-up trick to hide your piercing. Also called horseshoe jewellery due to its shape. Yes, this is why sometimes people call it a bull ring piercing.

18 or 16 gauge are common jewellery sizes for septum piercings, 16 gauge is the standard. Ask the piercer for 18 gauge if you want to wear a daintier look. Otherwise, if you prefer a heavier gauge the piercing can be stretched out with larger gauge jewellery.

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