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Everything you need to know about stacked lobe piercings!

Piercing Updated March 4, 2024

Without a doubt, the hottest piercing trend right now is a stacked lobe piercing. If you love a unique piercing and are looking to add to your curated ear, then a stacked lobe piercing is the perfect choice! It’s a cute but simple addition which allows you to easily take your lobes to a whole new level.

What is a stacked lobe piercing?

A stacked lobe piercing is located in the upper area of the lobe, and is a common choice for those who have some space to play with in between their first, second or third lobe piercings. A stacked lobe is all about layering, creating a cute and stylish curation on your lobes! Stacked lobe piercings look great with a simple flat back labret, or you can curate your ear to perfection with a beautiful piece from our upgrade stand.

Stacked Lobe Diagram

Pain Levels and Healing Times

Pain varies from person to person; however, lobe piercings tend to be on the less painful side of the scale. A stacked lobe is near the cartilage of the anti-tragus, however, is still pierced through the soft tissue of the lobe.

Your stacked lobe piercing can take between 1-2 months before you are ready to change your jewellery over; however, this may be different depending on the individual. Your healing process can be quicker if you follow the correct piercing aftercare routine.

Signs your piercing may be ready for a jewellery changeover

  • It has been 2 months since you received your piercing.
  • There is no more discharge or redness.
  • The piercing is not tender to touch.
  • The jewellery is loose and moves somewhat freely.

Healing times and jewellery changeover times for new piercings are two different things. Although your piercing may be ready to downsize or changeover, it is very important to keep jewellery in your piercing for 12-24 months. If you remove jewellery before your piercing has fully healed, you will be risking the piercing closing over.

Styling a Stacked Lobe Piercing Black Jewellery

How to style a stacked lobe piercing

Whether you’re a piercing pro or new to the scene, stacked lobes offer endless possibilities. We love to mix and match different shapes, sizes, and metals to curate your dream look! However, if you’re in need of inspiration with how to curate your new piercing here’s some ideas for you!

Looking for that it-girl style? We recommend a dainty crystal labret attachment in your new stacked lobe with some cute and dainty hoops with some charms in the lobes to create a simple yet eye-catching curation.

Wanting something a bit bolder? Try a large flat back labret in your stacked lobe piercing with some chunky hoops in your first lobe piercing and a simple labret in your second lobe piercing!

Or want to follow a theme? We have star, moon & trinity labret attachments in a variety of sizes and jewellery charms to style a hinged ring, which looks great altogether!

Piercing Aftercare

Ensuring correct piercing aftercare for your piercing is important! It’s crucial to follow the advice from our Piercing Experts at your appointment, and to also maintain regular care with our 2-step Sterilear Aftercare Duo. During the initial two weeks, incorporate Sterilear Step 1: Clean into your routine by spraying the front and back of the piercing twice daily. This solution, with its optimal salt concentration, promotes healing and helps to prevent bacteria forming around the piercing.

From week 3 onwards, transition to Sterilear Step 2: Care. Continue the twice-daily routine of spraying the front and back of the piercing. Step 2: Care has an enhanced formula enriched with aloe vera, lavender, and vitamin E, promoting healing and helps soothe the skin. Additionally, Step 2 carries with it the benefits of peppermint oil and helps provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Wanting more information on piercing care? Explore our piercing aftercare tips and tricks blog if you have any questions!

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