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What can eyebrow tints help with?

Waxing Updated February 16, 2023
Eyebrow tinting has so many amazing benefits, to make your morning routine easier & to keep you feeling your very best. We love salon grade salon tinting when getting our eyebrows waxed at Essential Beauty for so many reasons. If you don’t usually opt for an eyebrow tint, give some of our top reasons a read to learn more below:


Eyebrow definition

Eyebrow tinting can improve the shape and definition of your brows. If you are someone who has lighter hair, or struggle getting the definition you are after. Ask our friendly Beauty Therapists about a brow tint to improve your eyebrow shape! Eyebrow tinting can be the extra step in your eyebrow maintenance routine to achieve your perfect eyebrow shape and style!

Eyebrow Definition with Tinting

Sparse eyebrow hairs

If you have sparse hairs in your eyebrows, there is no better way to fill in these gaps than with a professional eyebrow tint. A quality brow tint will grab the lighter hairs and result in a filler, more dramatic shape. If you have any concerns about areas where hairs are sparser, at your next appointment have a chat to our friendly Beauty Therapists and they will be able to help you out. We can tailor a brow tint to you and your needs.

Eyebrow Sparse Hairs

Easier makeup application

Want to make your morning routine that little bit quicker and easier? An eyebrow tint can cut out an extra step in the morning, making you look fresher, more awake and put together instantly! Eyebrow tints can make your eyebrows fuller, creating no need for filling in your brows, because they’re perfect as is! There is no better feeling than waking up the morning after an eyebrow service, looking and feeling your absolute best.
Eyebrow Tint Helping Easier Makeup Application
Ask your Beauty Therapist about a brow tint
Our Beauty Therapists and beauty treatments can be tailored to exactly your needs and wants. If an eyebrow wax just doesn’t cut it for you, an eyebrow tint can make all the difference! Ask our Beauty Therapists about adding a tint to your appointment.
An eyebrow tint can last up to 4 weeks, but looking it’s best between 1-3 weeks. The length of time depends on products used on your face and the colour used.
If you’re in for an eyebrow wax and tint, and have sensitive skin, ask us about our Sensitive Hot Wax. Our Sensitive Hot Wax sticks to hairs, not skin and is great for sensitive areas – particular the face and intimate areas.
Ready for perfect brows? Book online today to secure your appointment, we can’t wait to see you in salon soon!

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