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7 Reasons to Get an Eyebrow Piercing

Piercing Updated September 29, 2022
Have you ever considered getting an eyebrow piercing? If you have, we’re here to convince you they’re a great idea! At Essential Beauty we love eyebrow piercings and think they’re a fantastic accessory no matter your gender.

1. Eyebrow Piercings are Trendy

Eyebrow piercings are always in! In recent times with the likes of the pop-punk revival, and e-girl/e-boy revival on TikTok – eyebrow piercings are back. Celebrities like Jeon Jungkook (BTS) & in recent times Justin Bieber have been seen sporting them. Of course, whether piercings are trendy or not – if you like a piercing, you should get one! Ear and body piercings are a great way for self-expression and can make your look your own.

2. Cool Jewellery Styles

There are some great jewellery styles you can choose to put in your eyebrow piercing! The two main jewellery types we recommend for eyebrow piercings are hinged rings and curved eyebrow bars. A guide for eyebrow piercing jewellery is to choose either 14, or 16-gauge jewellery. You can choose more simplistic styles, embellished jewellery, or something a little more edgy for a statement.

3. Easy Piercing Method

Eyebrow piercings at Essential Beauty are always pierced with a sterilised, single-use, cannula piercing needle. Cannula piercings are razor-sharp and designed to make a precise piercing hole. Needle piercings will not remove any extra tissue or trauma in the process.

4. Fast Healing Time

An eyebrow piercing has a relatively quick healing period, particularly for facial piercings. Eyebrow piercings take about 2-3 months to heal. We recommend always waiting at least 8 weeks before considering changing jewellery over. If you are unsure if you are ready to change over your jewellery, visit us in salon and chat to a Beauty Therapist.

5. All Genders

Eyebrow piercings are the perfect way to express yourself and are the perfect addition to your collection. If you want to add an eyebrow piercing to your piercing collection, book online! Alternatively, visit us in-salon or give our team a call.

6. Low Pain

Eyebrow piercings are relatively low pain! As an eyebrow piercing punctures only a small amount of soft skin, the piercing is quite painless. Pain is of course relative to your own tolerance and threshold. No one knows your body quite like you do!

7. A Cool History

The eyebrow piercing has a fantastic history and traces back to the 1970s. Eyebrow piercings were introduced as part of the punk movement and were popular as a fashion statement. Punk has had a recent resurgence in 2022 with the likes of pop-punk artists. Some of which include Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, Avril Lavigne and more.

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