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Belly Piercing Placements & More!

Piercing Updated October 18, 2023

Looking for information all about belly piercings? The experts at Essential Beauty have you covered! This blog will discuss all things placement, expectations, and walk you through step-by-step of the belly piercing process. Want to learn more? Check out our blog here, “Everything you need to know about belly piercings


Do I have the anatomy/right body shape for a belly piercing? 💭

All bodies look great with a belly piercing! We welcome all shapes and sizes into our salon for a free piercing consultation to make sure a belly piercing is the right choice for you. If you have specific questions or concerns regarding your anatomy, our expert team of piercers are always available at your local Essential Beauty salon to answer any questions you may have.

Belly Piercing Body Types


Do I need to have a flat belly? 💖

No, you do not need to have a flat belly for a belly piercing. Of course, it is important to note if you either lose or gain significant weight, the piercing may be affected.

Belly Piercing Body Types


Belly piercing placement ✨

All belly piercings are surface-to-surface piercings. The belly-button itself is not being pierced, instead the piercing goes through the skin above or below the belly button. Before being pierced, your Beauty Therapist will double check you are happy with the placement and location of the piercing. It is important to note your standing position, sitting position and lying position will change how your belly piercing looks – and this is completely normal. Our piercers will mark and pierce the location depending on your standing position as this is the most common position you will be in when showing off your new piercing! This is your chance to ask your Beauty Therapist to change the location and move it to a spot you are happy with.

Innies are the most common belly buttons to have. Outie belly piercings, whilst less common, are still able to receive a belly piercing! Of course, anatomy may provide some limitations on the placement, however, outie belly buttons look amazing when pierced. Ask your Beauty Therapist to double check if you’re not sure.

Belly Piercing Body Types


The belly piercing/navel piercing process 🪡

At Essential Beauty we have been piercing since 1995 and are Australia’s piercing specialists in all services, including belly piercings. Firstly, your Beauty Therapist will have you fill out a digital consent form and sight valid identification before proceeding. This is a great opportunity to have your piercer look at your anatomy to see if a belly piercing is the right choice for you.

Next, you can choose your jewellery. All piercings at Essential Beauty & Piercing include basic jewellery in the advertised price, however we also have a range of gem and metal colours to upgrade to. Some of these styles include clear crystal double gem and single gem belly banana bars. We also have oval belly rings for a stunning look!

When you’re in the private piercing room, the navel will be cleaned with alcohol. Then, your piercer will mark the piercing entry and exit site and you will be asked to stand up in a relaxed position and look in the mirror as this will most accurately show you how the jewellery will sit on your relaxed belly.

Once you and your piercer agree on the position, your skin will be held taught with a sterile clamp. After that, a single-use needle will be used to pierce the belly followed by the 14-gauge jewellery. Expect a tiny bit of bleeding, swelling, or redness immediately after the piercing—that’s completely normal and should subside quickly.

Belly Piercing Body Types


Surface-to Surface Piercings ❤️‍🩹

All belly piercings are surface-to-surface piercings. The belly-button itself is not being pierced, instead the piercing goes through the skin above or below the belly button (depending on your chosen piercing location). Please note: migration may be an increased issue with clients who don’t have a lip of skin/skin fold above the belly button.

All surface piercings will migrate over time, this includes shrinking or moving closer to the surface. We recommend following the below advice to manage & limit the migration of your surface piercing:

How to manage initial healing & piercing migration?

  • When your piercing is ready, downsize your jewellery, this can apply to the length, diameter and gauge of the jewellery
    Longer jewellery can catch easily on clothes, and lead to migration. We recommend to not leave larger jewellery in for extended periods of time. This is still relevant even after your piercing is fully healed (after 12-24+ months)
  • Avoid sleeping on your new belly piercing
  • Refrain from wearing tight clothing that may push on the piercing
  • Avoid causing any trauma to your belly piercing. This may include friction from clothing, towels, loofahs, playing with the jewellery, knocking the piercing, and over-cleaning
  • Always follow appropriate aftercare as recommended and directed by your Piercing Expert. We always recommend our Sterilear 2-Step Piercing Sprays.
  • Treat any trauma /piercing bumps with our Calm – Piercing Bump Treatment Dots.

Surface Piercings migrate as time passes 

Have an O.G./vintage belly piercing? 😜 Our Piercing Experts are equipped to assess your existing piercings, to find the right jewellery to suit you. Even if your piercing has shrunk and migrated closer to the surface.

Our jewellery options come in a variety of different gauges, lengths of bars, and diameters of rings. We have a range of different metal types and jewellery colours to suit everyone’s style and needs. Depending on your piercing, we may offer options from our belly jewellery range, or barbells that are typical in other locations such as the eyebrow.

If you have any questions about your piercing, contact your local Essential Beauty salon and have a chat to our Piercing Experts!


Ready to get your belly pierced? Book online today or visit one of our salons!

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