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Children’s Second & Third Lobe Piercings

Piercing Updated November 8, 2023

Does your little one have their first ear lobes pierced, and are eager to continue by getting more piercings? Our Essential Beauty & Piercing salons are equipped and ready to create the perfect look for your child.


Ear size, anatomy & placement

Second & third lobe piercings for children have been growing in popularity! When deciding if another piercing is right for your child, consider the size of their ears and whether this piercing will comfortably fit. If you are unsure our expert Beauty Therapists will consult to find the perfect placement for your child.

It is important to note; ears are continually growing – they actually never stop! This is particularly important for children’s ears as their piercings may move as your little one grows, this is completely normal, however, if you have any questions, please always consult with your Beauty Therapist.

Ear Lobe Piercings & Styles


The Beauty Therapist consultation & process

To make sure an additional piercing will fit perfectly in your child’s ears our Beauty Therapist’s will consult with your little ones ears. A few steps the Beauty Therapist may follow include:

  • In instances of limited space, our Beauty Therapists may remove the jewellery from the first ear lobes to measure the distance between the piercings
  • Beauty Therapists will also consider the size of the new and existing jewellery to make sure there is enough room for the style of jewellery chosen
  • Please note: spacing of the back of the ear must also be considered, this is because some butterfly backings may be too big for the space. In this case, we have flat back labret or ring options (these options are only available via needle piercing, they are not available using our Sterilear Contactless Push Through system). Our Beauty Therapists can explain the differences if you have any questions in salon.


Ear Piercing Methods

If you’re looking to get your seconds or thirds lobes pierced, you can choose to be pierced with our Contactless Push Through Method, or a needle method. Both methods have different, yet great benefits depending on what you are after.

Contactless Push Through System:
Our standard Children’s Ear Piercing appointment is conducted with double operators using our Sterilear Contactless Push Through System. When getting pierced with this piercing method, we always include: your choice of hypoallergenic jewellery, Ted the Comfort Bear to take home, a personalised bravery certificate and $10 gift voucher to use on your next service!
To book in this service we recommend giving your local salon a call to secure two operators for this service.

Our needle piercing method is another popular piercing technique for earlobes. Needle piercings use a single-use sterilised cannula needle to pierce the ear and pull jewellery through into. Needle piercings are a great option if you are wanting to be pierced with a ring or have the jewellery upgraded to. Please note: needle piercings can only be operated by a single Beauty Therapist at a time, needle piercings also have a higher price point than our Sterilear system and does not include the Teddy, bravery certificate or voucher.

Needle Piercings

Both piercing methods can happily co-exist. If you are having your lobes pierced and would prefer we use the needle method, that is completely fine!


How to book an appointment?

All Essential Beauty salons offer Children’s Ear Piercing appointments. When you are ready, please call your local salon to make an appointment, unfortunately at this stage online booking is not available for this service. Booking an appointment will secure your time with two operators to complete this service as efficiently and safely as possible.

If getting pierced by a needle this is available to be booked online via our online booking system. We recommend always booking ahead of time to secure your appointment, particularly during busy school holiday periods.


Any Questions?

Our friendly team of Beauty Therapists are here to help! Give your local salon a call or visit them to learn more.


Continue the fun at home!

Your child will get to take home their very own Ted the Comfort Bear when they get their ears pierced at Essential Beauty & Piercing!

Born in 2007, Ted the Comfort Bear has become an Aussie Icon, well loved by girls and boys who need a hand to hold and a comforting cuddle while getting their ears pierced.

Connect the dots to reveal Ted’s fancy new car

Dress Ted in a special party outfit

Help Ted through the maze to get back to Essential Beauty



To book your child’s ear piercing please call your local salon.

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