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Everything you need to know about flat piercings

Piercing Updated October 18, 2023

If you love a minimalistic piercing and are looking to add to your curated ear, then a flat piercing is a perfect choice! It’s delicate yet eye-catching and allows you to mix and match your earrings to your curated ear easily.


What is a flat piercing?

A flat piercing is located in the flat area of the cartilage below the upper rim of the ear (near the helix). Flat piercings look great with a simple flat back labret, or you can curate your ear to perfection with a beautiful piece from our upgrade stand.

Ear piercing location diagram

Flat piercing process

We always recommend securing your appointment online via our online booking form before coming into your appointment. Essential Beauty does accept walk-ins, however, available times may vary depending on existing appointments!

When coming into your local salon, you will be asked to sign our digital consent form and provide a form of valid identification. Next, you will choose your flat piercing jewellery; basic jewellery is included with all piercings; however, you will be able to upgrade your jewellery via our needle piercing upgrade stand.

The Beauty Therapist will then walk you to a private piercing room and clean the location prior to being pierced. The piercer will check for any veins before marking the piercing location. They will then check if you’re happy with the placement before being pierced. You will be pierced using a sterilised catheter needle. Once pierced, the jewellery will be pulled through the piercing shaft. Your piercer will then discuss the relevant aftercare required for the best possible healing.

Flat piercing location

Pain level and healing time

Pain perception varies from person to person, but cartilage piercings tend to hurt more than soft tissue piercings. We believe the pain level for a flat piercing to be around 5/10, just a little more painful than a helix piercing. Remember to breathe during your appointment and drink plenty of water so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible. If you have any concerns, you can of course let your Beauty Therapist know!

Your flat piercing can take between 6-12 months to heal; however, this may vary from person to person. Your healing time may be quicker if you follow a correct aftercare routine.

Signs your piercing may have healed:

  • It has been 12 months since you received your piercing
  • There is no more discharge or redness
  • The piercing is not tender to touch
  • The jewellery is loose and moves somewhat freely

Flat piercing location on ear

Recommended Aftercare

It is important to follow recommended aftercare information and advice from the piercing experts. For weeks 1 & 2, use Sterilear Step 1: Clean. We recommend spraying the front and back of the piercing twice a day. Sterilear Step 1: Clean contains the optimal concentration of salts to promote healing and prevent bacteria from forming around the piercing.

From weeks 3 onwards, move on to the Sterilear Step 2: Care. Spray the front and back of the piercing twice a day. Step 2: Care’s enhanced formula is enriched with aloe vera, lavender, and vitamin E, to soothe the skin while promoting healing. This step also contains peppermint oil to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Want to learn more about caring for your piercing? Check out our piercing aftercare tips and tricks blog if you have any questions!

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