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Everything you need to know about nipple piercings! Cost? Pain? Benefits?

Piercing Updated October 26, 2020

Given the private nature of nipple piercing, it’s hard to know who has and who hasn’t but one thing is for sure, it’s a hot topic.

Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Kendall Jenner are all rumoured to have one, but nipple piercings are not just for celebs, they’re for anyone. Here are some of the trends happening with nipple piercings at present:

  • Both men and women are doing it right now!
  • They’re doing double nipples horizontally.
  • It adds sensation to the area.
  • Barbells are way more popular as they are more subtle under clothes creating less irritation.
  • We can pierce almost any nipple including inverted. The only thing that varies is jewellery size.
  • Cost varies depending on your chosen jewellery & service (i.e. single, double, etc.).
  • Jewellery options include surgical steel, Titanium, PVD black, gold and rose gold all with gem options.


What about pain?

The pain factor is totally bearable. It is like 1,2 and you’re done. But spend some time researching it and chatting with those who have had it done.


Healing time?

Healing times and jewellery changeover times are two very different things. You may choose to changeover your jewellery, but jewellery should stay in your piercing for at least 24 months. We recommend waiting for your jewellery changeover period to downsize your jewellery.

Check out healing times for all piercings on our piercing aftercare page.

Be sure to keep it clean and avoid touching. Use a waterproof band aid if you have to enter the water or go swimming.

Once you have passed your initial healing period, you can change and be sure to let us do it for you! If you ever have to take out your piercing (say for day surgery), you can purchase a “retainer” which is a plastic barbell that won’t upset any procedure like MRI, etc.

I’m ready… How does it work?



No need to stop day to day activities.

Start with one nipple and see how you go thereafter. Our female piercers are experienced and professional.

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