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Nose piercings 101

Piercing Updated May 14, 2024

The nose piercing is one of our most popular facial piercings we offer at Essential Beauty. Nose piercings can be customised and styled exactly to your unique look, including the positioning of your nose piercing. Here is everything you need to know before getting a nose piercing.


Nose Piercing Styles

There are a number of different nose piercing styles you can choose from at Essential Beauty. The most popular and classic look is a single nostril piercing. This nose piercing can be located on either your right or left nostril, this is totally up to your personal preference, there is no right or wrong!

We also offer double nose piercings, this means you can choose to be piercing on the same nostril next to each other, stacked above/below each other, or one on each nostril. Both nose piercing styles are a great choice and look great styled with both a nose stud or a nose ring/nose hoop.

The placement of a nose stud, ring or hoop can be anywhere along the nostril. The most common positioning is through the curve of one of the nostrils (the crease of the ‘wing’ of the nostril). Many people come in with a particular idea of how they would like their nose piercing to look and which side they want pierced. There is no right or wrong side of the nose to get a piercing, it is up to you. A good idea is to pick your best ‘selfie side’ of your face whether that be the left or right side!


Nose Piercing Placements

If you are unsure about which nostril to get pierced or the position of the nostril, think about the below questions before going to your appointment. Your Piercing Specialist will also give you a few different options and mark the spot where the piercing will go so you can agree on the placement before anything happens.

  1. Will you be getting pierced with a ring or a stud? Or will you want to change between the two in the future?
  2. Do you ever see yourself getting a stacked or double nose piercing, or a symmetrical nose piercing on both sides of your nose?
  3. Is the crease and wing of your nostril more prominent on one side?
  4. Do you want your piercing sitting closer to the front of your nostril or further back? On the crease or up high?

Your Piercer will mark up a few different positions after consulting with you to help you decide the best option for your individual style and nose shape.

If you change your mind after you get a nose piercing, don’t worry, nose piercings heal up fast after you take your jewellery out and you can always try another position or the opposite side in future.

nose piercings diagram

Nose Piercing Process

We always recommend securing your nose piercing appointment online via our online booking form before coming into the salon. Essential Beauty salons do accept walk-ins; however, available times may vary depending on existing appointments they have for that day.

When coming into your local salon, you will be asked to sign our digital consent form and provide a form of valid identification. Next, you will choose your nose piercing jewellery; basic jewellery is included with all piercings; however, you will be able to upgrade your jewellery via our nose piercing studs & ring options.

The Beauty Therapist will then walk you to a private piercing room and clean the location prior to being pierced. They will then check if you’re happy with the placement before being pierced. You will be pierced using a sterilised catheter needle. Once pierced, the jewellery will be pulled through the piercing shaft. Your piercer will then discuss the relevant aftercare required for the best possible healing.


Downsize & Healing Times

Pain levels are different for each individual and will depend on the person’s pain tolerance. Nose piercings tend to be on the lesser painful sides of piercing, however, can be uncomfortable and lead to an uncomfortable, sneezing sensation and eye watering. We believe the pain level for a rook piercing is about a 4/10. Remember to breathe during your appointment and drink plenty of water so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible. If you have any concerns, you can always chat to one of our Beauty Therapists! You can also read about preparing for a piercing via our blog here.

Healing times are also different for everyone, as it will depend on the individual person and how well they follow our recommended aftercare. For a nose piercing, & for complete healing we recommend waiting 12-24 months before leaving any jewellery out of the piercing. Nose piercings are likely to close up very quickly with no jewellery left in the piercing.

Signs your nose piercing may have healed:

  • It has been 12-24 months since you received your piercing*.
  • There is no more discharge or redness.
  • The piercing is not tender to touch.
  • The jewellery is loose and moves somewhat freely.

*Please note: these times are general, and healing varies for the individual. If you are unsure, visit your Piercing Experts to consult and advise.


Recommended Aftercare

It is important to follow recommended aftercare information from our Piercing Experts. For weeks 1 & 2, spray Sterilear Step 1: Clean front and back twice a day. Step 1: Clean contains the optimal concentration of salts to promote healing and prevent bacteria from forming around the piercing.

From weeks 3 onwards, move on to the Sterilear Step 2: Care. Spray front and back twice a day. Step 2: Care is formulated with aloe vera, lavender, and vitamin E to soothe the skin while promoting healing. Also containing peppermint oil to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Want to learn more about caring for your piercing? Check out our piercing aftercare tips and tricks blog, or visit our Piercing Experts in salon if you have any questions.


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