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Unique Ear Piercing Styles

Piercing Updated September 29, 2022
It’s no surprise, at Essential Beauty we love piercings! We understand that when it comes to piercings, popular styles are sported by many people. Of course, there are ways to make these piercings your own, but if you’re after some unique styles we’re here to help!

Flat Piercings

A flat piercing is located in the flat area of the cartilage below the rim of the ear (or where your helix or cartilage piercing would be). Flat piercings are in a unique area, with a lot of space you can choose the perfect location for your new piercing. We love a flat piercing when paired with other cartilage piercings on the ear.
We recommend using a flat back labret in the flat piercing location. For flat piercings always wear jewellery that is 16 or 18 gauge.
As the flat piercing pierces through cartilage, it takes a little while longer to heal than your standard lobe piercings. Flat piercings take about 6 months to heal. If you are unsure if your flat piercing is healed check in with the experts! Visit your local Essential Beauty salon or give them a call today.


Anti-Tragus Piercings

An anti-tragus piercing is located in the small, curved, cartilage above the earlobe. The anti-tragus adopted the name as it is located opposite the tragus piercing. Anti-tragus piercings are growing in popularity, however, they are still quite unique if you’re after something a bit different! This is a great piercing to really curate the lower half of your ear, near the lobes.
Jewellery in anti-tragus piercings does depend on your ear’s anatomy, you may need smaller or larger styles. In this location, we recommend a curved barbell, ball closure ring, hinged ring, or circular barbell.


Lower Helix Piercings

A lower helix piercing is exactly as it sounds, a helix piercing located low on the ear! The lower helix can also be referred to as an auricle piercing. Lower helix piercings are quite a small part of the ear (of course, depending on your anatomy). We love a lower helix piercing to add to a curated ear.
In the lower helix we love a flat back labret, ball closure ring or a hinged ring. You can experiment with minimalistic styles, different metal types and embellished styles.



For all ear piercings, we recommend following the 2-step Sterilear Aftercare Spray system. Our aftercare spray aids in the healing process. We also encourage you to not sleep on your new piercing and avoid harsh products that may dry the piercing out. We also have our Calm Piercing Bump Dots to help banish those pesky piercing bumps! 
Sterilear Aftercare Spray Duo


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