Children's Ear Piercing


  • Make an appointment and ask for double operators, which is two therapists at once to perform the procedure.
  • Have a good idea about the colour of your jewellery you want, see the birthstone guide on the right. Our best sellers are March (light blue), which looks like aquamarine and April (clear) which is a diamond crystal colour.
  • For babies and children, we recommend mini-studs. Ask our staff for more details in store.
  • Also, bring a distraction for your child. This could be a lolly, or a favourite toy, or promise them a treat after the service.



Children's Ear Piercing Birthstone Colours


  • Choose your earring from the “mini-series” of jewellery designed especially for babies and children.
  • Fill in the paperwork.
  • Pay for the procedure and purchase Sterilear Ear and Body Piercing Spray before your child’s ear piercing procedure is done. Also collect your printed home care instructions. This way, your child can quickly assimilate back into day to day activity. That is, once the piercing is done, it’s back into the mall to look at all the other wonderful distractions!
  • Your therapist will place dots on your child’s ears so that you can agree on the location of the ear piercing.
  • Working at the same time, the therapists will pierce your child’s ears in a single, quick procedure.



  • Follow your home care instructions and the instructions on the Sterilear bottle. These show you how to keep your baby’s or child’s ear piercing clean.
  • Spray undiluted Sterilear directly over the piercing and jewellery two to three times a day for two weeks.
  • Gently rotate the piercing while your child is having a bath or shower.



  • Touch the piercing or jewellery, except to rotate it in the bath or shower.


You can find more home care instructions here on our Body Piercing page.