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We’re Ear for You! Labelled Ear Piercings.

Piercing Updated November 2, 2022
We know it can be confusing when you’re looking at getting an ear piercing, it’s hard to know what every piercing is called! Come into your next piercing appointment with confidence, knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

Labelled Ear Piercings:

We love a variety of piercings on the ear! You can see a full list above labelled on the diagram here.

different types of ear piercings

Popular Ear Piercing Styles

Earlobe Piercings

Earlobe piercings may commonly be known as getting your firsts, seconds or thirds done. These piercings can all be done with either Essential Beauty’s Sterilear piercing gun system or with professional catheter needle piercings. We love both piercing methods for the earlobes! Discuss your options with one of Essential Beauty’s piercing experts

Tragus Piercings

A tragus piercing is one of our most common and popular piercing services Essential Beauty salons offer. This is pierced through the cartilage that rests over the opening of your eardrum. We also offer an anti-tragus style that sits opposite the tragus piercing. These piercings are strictly only ever pierced professionally using a needle.

Helix Piercings

Essential Beauty pierces the popular upper cartilage area, which is commonly known as the helix or cartilage piercing. We also offer a lower helix style that sits on the outer cartilage further down the ear. This lower helix piercing typically sits in the centre of the ear. We also offer forward helix styles, these are found on the upper cartilage area, closest to your face. These piercings are strictly only ever pierced professionally using a needle.

Other Ear Piercings

We offer piercing services for conch piercings, rook, daith, snug, flat, industrial piercings & more! Check with your local salon or friendly Beauty Therapist to get started with your individual look.

Looking for Ear Piercing Inspiration?

Check out our Pinterest for some ear piercing and curation inspiration.

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