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Body Piercing Courses

The Essential Beauty Piercing School

Essential Beauty are the market leaders in body piercing and are always recruiting passionate Body Piercers for their salons. Of course, there is no guarantee you will get a job with Essential Beauty, but The Essential Beauty Piercing School qualification will be sure to fast track your application. You can also seek employment elsewhere.

The Essential Beauty Piercing School is a professional development program that combines online and one on one technical training as well as hands-on training to prepare you with the theory, knowledge and confidence required to practice piercing a nose, ear cartilage or navel competently. You will be assessed on a competency based training method for both theory and hands-on components of the course.

You will also explore the requirements of relevant skin penetration guidelines Australia wide and learn how to adhere to infection control and workplaces policies and procedures.

Current enrolment intake dates for South Australia in 2021 are:

April 19th
July 12th
September 13th
November 15th

Courses are limited to 5 participants each and you will be required to attend training on site for one week from 9.30am – 3.30pm.

As this course involves technical one on one training, it is available in South Australia only.

If you live interstate and you require assistance with flights and accommodation, simply let us know. We would be glad to help.

Please note this course is not eligible for government funding.

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    Full Name




    Preferred enrolment intake date (SA only)


    Course Structure:

    Consent forms, age restrictions and record keeping

    Confirm treatment plan

    Prepare treatment area

    Prepare piercing equipment and tools

    Materials , equipment and body jewellery

    Steps to prepare client for service

    Placement of piercing


    Skin conditions, allergies and piercing bumps

    Working safely


    Preventing cross-infection

    Risk minimisation and minimising blood to blood contact

    Body jewellery selection and types of metals

    Skin penetration guidelines

    Infection control guidelines

    Workplace policies and procedures

    Sterilisation and Autoclave procedures

    Perform piercing on parts of the ear, nose and navel

    Piercing aftercare, healing times and providing home care advice