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Buying a gift card or a gift voucher for that special someone

Gift buying can be very difficult.

Depending on the person, it becomes a challenge whether to buy something personal and risk the person not liking the gift.

Alternatively, there is the generic gift (for example a gift voucher for a dollar value), which usually works but is impersonal.

So where do you find middle ground to find that perfect gift?

One of the best suggestions is to purchase a gift voucher for a particular service or product that you think the person might like. At the same time, check with the establishment that the service or product you paid for, can be interchanged for another from their offering. This way you can be sure that if the person does not want what you have suggested, they can swap it.

For example, you may purchase a one-hour deluxe facial which includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions, mask and a massage.

If it turns out that the recipient does not want the facial, it is of no consequence as the facial can be exchanged for another service instead (for example leg waxing or laser).

In this way, you have a win-win situation and you will buy with confidence knowing that if the recipient does not want the service or product you suggested, it can be exchanged for something else from the service or product menu.

Any Essential Beauty gift card that is purchased for a service or product can be interchanged by the recipient for any other service or product if you get it wrong and the recipient doesn’t like your suggestion.

At the same time, all Essential Beauty gift cards that are purchased for a dollar value can also be used for any service or product.

Of course, gift cards also have long expiry dates of 3 years in addition.

You can buy with confidence and all online without the fuss of car parking or lining up. Buy now and have a gift card delivered to your email address within minutes!

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