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Eye spy with my little i’s

Come’on open up! That’s what I keep telling the image in the mirror every morning. And in the process of applying makeup, I try not to blind myself with the eyeliner pencil and mascara wand.

Babies, with eyes proportionally larger for the size of their heads, are considered cute to one and all. Subconsciously, this is carried into how people generally view beauty. Larger eyes give the appearance of youthfulness and innocence. So it’s not surprising that women especially, instinctively pay more attention to the eyes to make themselves more attractive from makeup to brow waxing to lash extensions. Some routines can really get over-board in terms of time spent which is why beauty salons have come up with time-saver treatments that will last longer than just the one day.

How much of this you can put up with on a daily basis?

Eye makeup

Choose colours that complement the eye colour. Blue eyes will open up with copper and golds, to the peach and beige shades. Brown eyes do well with bronze, peach and surprisingly, with purple, teal, navy blue and green too. With green eyes, the colours to go for are brown, purples and pinks, and lastly hazel eyes, make a go for it with browns that has a yellowish base, grey and purplish reds.



This one is a little trickier as there are many little tips and tricks for the various eye shapes to play with. But the general rule of thumb is to apply eyeliner in between the top lashes and under them to open up the eyes. On the lower lashes, apply a beige or white colour on the waterline and complete that with a darker but soft liner on the lashes itself.



Dark circles make the eyes look smaller and tired. Choose a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone to do away with the faint purpling of the skin. Do remember to use a tinted primer or foundation too.


Longer, curling lashes

Curling the lashes away from the eyes does wonders to open up the eyes. With shorter lashes, lash extensions or false eyelashes will do the trick. Mascara on your natural lashes will work to a degree but mascara on lash extensions or false eyelashes will make the eyes pop. But if you are blessed with long lashes, a Lash Lift and tint will take away the pain of applying falsies or putting the curler to the lashes every day.


Circle contact lenses

The fad of wearing contact lenses that cover a little more than just the irises. These contact lenses cover a little bit of the whites of the eye as well. This gives an overall subtle impression of larger eyes. Coupled with makeup to complete the look, the result will be amazing. Caution – optometrists and eye specialists have advised caution in using this type of contact lenses as they may cause eye damage especially when worn over a long period of time. Contact lenses should always be properly fitted by an eye specialist.

Lastly, frame the face with neat and tidy brows that suit the eyes and shape of face.

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