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Fake Tans: How to do it Best

A healthy glow is a great confidence booster but not at the cost of looking like Crocodile Dundee. The best way of achieving a great looking tan is to fake it. That way, you don’t have to deal with pealing and patchy skin, with sun spots and wrinkles a few years down the line.

But even the most expensive product in the world is going to look streaky and patchy if you do a ‘slap on and step out’ job of it. Apart from selecting a good spray tan product, the application process is important in getting an even result. This takes some practise but once you have got this down pat, you can depend on a natural looking and streak free tan.

Keep in mind when applying fake tan at home, to wax and exfoliate, but not immediately before applying a fake tan. Give your skin a day’s rest.

Soften your skin before applying a fake tan product. Spray tan particles will cling to dry and rough patches of skin resulting in a streaky and patchy tan job that will definitely tell people you’ve had an accident with the tanning tub.

Take it slow and steady. Applying spray tan requires patience and a steady hand.

Then stand around nude for 5 – 10 minutes before putting your clothes back on so that you don’t accidentally wipe off some spray tan.

Stay away from strenuous activity that will cause perspiration immediately after application.

If there’s a little bit of staining, remove by dabbing the spot lightly with a bit of nail polish remover if the spray tan has dried on the skin. Otherwise rubbing over the area lightly with a wet cloth will get rid of excess spray tan. And if nothing else is on hand, try dabbing a little toothpaste to remove streaky bits.

It’s really is too much trouble to do this at home! Well, there’s always the salon. All you need to do is to rock up and stand there while a professional applies the spray tan. And you can be in and out of the salon within thirty minutes.

Have you any tips that you’d like to share?

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