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Monkey Faces, an Eye Opener!

Stretching and strengthening the muscles in your face and neck can literally open up the way you look by softening dark circles around the eyes, lessen wrinkles, lifting and defining your jaw and neck line.

Muscles that aren’t used regularly becomes weak and tend to shrink slightly. This condition known as muscle atrophy causes the skin covering these muscles to sag, giving the appearance of wrinkles. So the simplest way to keep those jowls and wrinkles at bay is to tone up your muscles around the face and neck. Skin that has plump muscles underneath do not sag or wrinkle easily and muscles that are kept toned and firm defy gravity better. An additional benefit of toning your facial muscles is that the skin and general complexion will start to look better. Exercise causes blood to flow throughout this part of your face resulting in a healthy glow to the skin. Drinking a lot does not hurt, on the contrary.

While there may be many thoughts on which is the best form of facial exercise with the fastest results, start with these baby steps.

Around the eyes. Hold for a count of three and repeat five times.

  • Squeeze your eyes tightly shut, place two fingers at the corners of your eyes and smooth the skin up towards the temples.
  • Place fingertips just under the eyebrows while lifting the eyelids slightly. Shut eyelids firmly without moving fingers.
  • Place both forefingers between the eyes. Smooth fingers out and up over eyebrows while keeping your eyes tightly shut.
  • Place three fingers along the top of the cheekbones and slowly tip your head towards your chest. Use fingers to push cheek muscles up, over the cheekbone.

Around the mouth. Hold for a count of three and repeat five times.

  • Open the mouth in your widest grin while tensing the muscles in the jaw. Then pucker up, sticking your lips out as much as you can. Tense up the neck muscles as you do this. For variation, slant mouth towards alternate sides.
  • Place three fingers on cheeks. Then smile as widely as possible to raise the cheek muscles while pressing down with fingers lightly.

Around the neck. Hold for a count of three and repeat five times.

  • Stare straight ahead and close the mouth. Tense muscles below the mouth and around the neck. For variation, look towards the ceiling instead.
  • Stare straight ahead and pull your lower jaw slightly forward to stretch your neck muscles.
  • Place three fingers along the jawline. Make a frown while pushing up with your fingers.

As with everything else, moderation is the key. Overworking the face with too many repetitions may result in a taut, tired look, rather than a smooth, youthful glow.

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