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Are Dermal Fillers safe? We have the answers here!

Dermal Fillers

We know that everyone has at least some questions before taking the plunge with dermal fillers!

That’s why here at Essential Beauty, we spoke to a medical professional to get our most commonly asked questions answered for you regarding dermal fillers. Read the responses here – and book your dermal fillers appointment here!


Are lip fillers safe?

Definitely! If used correctly they can volumize and reshape your lips and other areas of your face. Any lip filler procedure has a risk attached, but so does any medical procedure! If your injector is experienced, then the worst thing you should experience is some minor bruising.


What are the best dermal fillers?

The best dermal fillers are usually well known ‘brand name’ fillers. There are different lip fillers on the market and they come in different densities. The best dermal fillers for lines around the mouth are thinner density fillers. For ‘plumping out’ or volumizing areas of the face like cheeks you should use a thicker density filler.


What is the cost?

I can’t say precisely because it will vary depending on the ‘look’ you are trying to achieve and how deep some of the lines you want ‘smoothed out’ are on your face.

Hyaluronic acid (a substance contained within the dermal filler) lip injections cost anywhere from $350 to $500 so shop around but only use quality products.


Are dermal fillers permanent and can I correct the outcome if I am not happy?

No, they are not permanent, and there are cosmetic injectors who specialize in filler correction.

Hyaluronidase is injected into the area you are not happy with and it will immediately start to break down the hyaluronic acid that’s contained within the dermal filler. Both these substances occur naturally in our body so don’t be alarmed by their scary sounding names!

If you are looking to ‘reshape’ or ‘re-sculpt’ your existing filler, you will need to find an experienced injector as this skill can be tricky.

This lip filler procedure will cost between $200- $500 so it is better to use a quality dermal filler to start with, rather than going with a cheaper option and having to spend extra on the ‘reverse sculpting’ procedure.

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