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Anaesthetic for Kids Ear Piercing?

For lots of different reasons this is a no-no!

The best strategy is to tap into the character and spirit of your child.

Below are some tips to help you do this:

1:Make a booking for first thing in the morning. Make sure your child has had a good breakfast. You are not yourself when you’re hungry!
2:Make sure your child has had a good night’s rest. You are not yourself when you’re irritable and tired!
3:Make sure your booking is for two therapists as this will reduce timeframes associated with the procedure.
4:Have a firm idea of what colour ear stud you would like before you enter the salon.
5:Promise your child a special treat once the procedure is finished. For example an ice cream or a toy.
6:Be a positive and strong role model for your child. If you’re anxious, your child will sense it.
7:In the build up to the procedure, frequently comment on how beautiful your child’s ears are and how even more beautiful they will be with their new ear studs!

Some salons specialise in children’s ear piercing and even provide a special comfort bear once the procedure is completed (like Essential Beauty). This helps.

However, keep in mind that a combination of all of the above will yield the best results to help your child have a wonderful experience!

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